"I have been seeing Sheree for Energy Field Healing sessions for the past 4 years. She is a wonderful person and an excellent healer. As an Energy Field Healer myself I am grateful to be able to work with someone who is so skilled! I trust Sheree, she is a very honourable person. Whatever complicated problem I go in with I always know that I will come out understanding what's been happening and feel so much better!” M.S., London /Cape Town

“I’ve been having healing for around 2 years now when a friend of mine introduced healing to me as a spiritual therapy. This year I began my healing sessions with Sheree. Healing for me is like having a face lift from the inside out, if people pay money to ensure their outer self is beautiful, then why not invest on the most important part of yourself which is the spirit. Healing for me has supported so many parts of my life, it has helped with the progression of a new business, releasing karmic energies, sustaining balance etc. You notice the difference and I find my luck is a lot healthier since I've begun energy healing. If you've stumbled across Sheree's site, this is meant for you, so don't hesitate just do it!” S.W. Birmingham

“ Sheree is a wonderfully gifted lady, she has an amazing ability to get straight to the problem with warmth and kindness. My family and myself receive healing from Sheree on a regular basis and the results are outstanding, everyone feels lighter and more focused . Our home is now tranquil following the 'Home Healing'. Sheree is a very dedicated healer, with immense skill, knowledge and perception. Everyone should experience Sheree's expertise.” N.J. Coventry

“ Sheree transformed our house into a home. On moving into our new rented house I didn’t really feel like it was a home. Even though it is a beautiful place in the countryside and a much needed change from the city, there were areas of the house I didn’t enjoy being in and couldn’t settle. It was just a box with our belongings in. Sheree spent a few hours here healing the house and the surrounding land. Some fascinating stories unfolded about things which had gone on in the past which Sheree healed and released. Now, a couple of months later, I can honestly say that our home is a place we enjoy coming back to and being in - it restores us from the trials and tribulations of the world!" D.L. Hampshire

“ What an insightful course! I enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you Sheree for teaching and guiding me not only to make spheres of light but go even further to enter the Realms! What a high energy! I am still in awe of all the possibilities that you presented to us and all the experiences we have under your guidance. You supported and believe in us, paid attention to every detail, answered all question with patience and knowledge, and for that I am so grateful. I can't wait to further development courses with you. Thank you.” Z.K. London

“ "I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I now feel after my session. I feel like me from around 5 years ago. I feel like the fog has lifted. My friend saw me today and said I look brighter from within rather than an external thing. She's going to call you. I've also recommended you to a few other people too. So thank you so much." A.S. Stratford-upon-Avon

“You were able to address my needs and offered me a healing session that was lovely to experience, and has also had a permanent impact on my quality of life. I leave your sessions feeling uplifted and inspired both by your compassion, and your capabilities as a healer. Thank you Sheree - I think you are a really gifted healer x x x” A.D. Shropshire

“I am so pleased I asked Sheree for help with my beautiful dog Willow. Aged 11 months he had been crying at night and limping. Following an x-Ray my vet diagnosed hip dysplasia. A couple of months later he has some muscle wastage. Poor boy getting depressed at times unable to run. He has to be lead walked. Following his distant healing with Sheree he is sooo much happier. She was able to reconnect him. Yesterday, when out for a walk, both dogs played together. It was a joy to see. I am so much happier knowing Willow can receive distant healing as necessary with this ongoing problem.” L.A., Folkestone

“I have seen Sheree for a number of years now. She feels more like a friend. I can best describe the wonderful healing that Sheree provides as hitting my‘re-set’ button. I usually wait until I’ve gone too far, taken on too much and I describe my head as full to busting point. There is no space left in my head to take on any more. Sheree comes along, makes me feel at ease, listening to me patiently whilst working her magic. By the end of the session I’m usually speechless because I’m so peaceful as the things that were winding up, no longer hold the same power over me. I feel balanced. I was on anti-depressants for 10 years and I can honestly say that Sheree has helped me be free of them for the past 8 years. I can’t thank her enough.” T.A. Solihull

“I really enjoyed the EYL workshop it was really well presented and will be of good benefit to myself." D.T., Birmingham

"For 10 years my neck was badly out of alignment, discs pushing left, right and protruding outwards. I had seen chiropractors many times and a top physio, professionals said it would be a life-long condition and it was pointless to 'keep throwing money away', their advice was to learn to live with the pain, nothing could be done to help me. In one healing session Sheree sorted out the issue which had an emotional basis. My neck is absolutely fine, to date 2 plus years on. No pain, perfect alignment, full movement. In the same session Sheree told me my knees would be much better. I was born with unusually shallow sockets in my pelvis and throughout my life my knees would partially dislocate, 3 times a week. They have not dislocated once since that healing. I could recount so many physical, emotional and spiritual ways in which Sheree has profoundly assisted me through healing sessions. She is humble, wise, intuitive, insightful and totally works with you so that a path is cleared for you to live your life with clarity and resolution. At the end of a session you feel serene, if not so much calmer, a full picture instead of a jigsaw with pieces missing, a weight has been lifted. It is like a full MOT and service for body and soul. I have suggested that many male and female friends and colleagues experience healing with Sheree and all those that have been amazed at something that is difficult to comprehend or quantify. Many see her regularly or a couple of times a year. It depends what issues come up and often what life throws at you. My Uncle in Australia was given hours or days to live, on a ventilator, bleeding from the stomach, double pneumonia, cancer and other medical issues. I asked if Sheree was available to assist him with a distant healing. My intent, though open minded, was his passing should be as peaceful as possible. Healing is a wonderful gift for those who are preparing to die, it can alleviate pain and anxiety. 4 days later out of critical care, off a ventilator. 4 weeks on rehab, getting ready to return home. Hospital Consultants from all departments have said; 'You've had help from somewhere else, we didn't think you'd make it', 'I don't believe in miracles but this is what is happening'. It is healthy to be sceptical, for me time and time again Sheree facilitates amazing results. I totally trust her and ardently recommend her services and regularly do. She has proven to me and a number of people I know that she has the skills to changes lives profoundly on many levels. You can be sceptical but that does not prevent a healing session from being effective. It's like the most speedy form of counselling without having to talk about issues. Intervention without medicine or operations....which was what I was facing. Totally amazing. Just once see for yourself....really what can you lose...what can you gain?" K.J. Birmingham

“I have had distant healing from Sheree twice over the last 12 months and this has been invaluable to me. I'm a nurse working in a busy hospital in Saudi Arabia. As much as I am enjoying this experience, I have struggled with living and working here and I have been fortunate to have Sheree help me, through distant healing. She has been so accurate in her assessment of my healing needs, even though I'm thousands of miles away. I may not have been physically present for the healing but I have instantly felt the difference, such as feeling lighter, feeling much more at peace with myself and I sleep better, more deeply. I would highly recommend Distant Healing from Sheree, she is brilliant.” L.F., Saudi Arabia

“I first went to see Sheree as a last resort, as I was struggling so much physically with joint and muscular problems, with the pain being unbearable on a daily basis, and my walking very limited. I didn't know what to expect from the sessions but I thought I would give it a whirl. I haven't looked back since. Apart from the sessions being fascinating, they are so calming and just give me such a respite from my everyday life. Sheree makes you feel so relaxed and has made me come to realise I should have introduced energy healing into my life years ago as it just feels so right, natural, and probably would have prevented many of my health problems. I'm delighted to say my movement and pain is improving and I look forward to every healing session. Thanks so much Sheree xx” E.R. Solihull

“I attended ‘The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme‘ on 21st & 22nd February. It was brilliant, I would recommend this to anyone who has an open mind and keen to learn through practice, how we can harness our Subtle Energies in a positive way to de-stress and rebalance our lives. Thanks Sheree!" K.H., Malvern

"Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful energy field healing session - something has truly shifted in me and I feel amazing. I was stuck in repeated ways of thinking that was limiting my ability to move forward but since the healing, I feel more alive than I have done in a long time. Everything seems clearer, brighter and lighter and my thoughts have been nothing but positive since (well as much as possible!) Thank you Sheree and I look forward to seeing you again soon." R.R. Atherstone

"It was the first time I met Sheree, for the home healing, the house was in need of some loving care. Sheree worked proficiently and quickly to bring the energy levels to the required level, dispersing any unwanted negative energy and moving stale energy away to bring the house into the present. The house felt fresher, with positive energy and much clearer after the healing. I would definitely recommend Sheree." T.P., Kent

"Hi Sheree. I am so grateful for attending the Enhance Your Light course. It was a great day, I achieved a lot and enjoyed working with you. Your individual approach and help was very much appreciated. My muscle pain was less noticeable, and I was feeling at ease. Thank you for your efforts in sharing beautiful meditation and teaching us how to visualise X.” M.B. London

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Enhance Your Light ~ Enhance Your Life®' weekend course - and would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to build upon their basic foundation. In order for it to be of the most benefit - I would say to future participants of the course, to keep an open mind, and keep relaxed throughout. Sheree is very proficient at answering any questions you might have about aspects of the course, and can flexibly adjust the pace if someone doesn't understand any material without it feeling like you're hindering the group in any way. So I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wiling to keep an open mind and hungry for a fantastic journey." A.S., Birmingham

"I moved into a new flat almost two years ago. Shortly after moving in things didn't feel right. Caught up fitting a new kitchen, new flooring, decorating I ignored my previous misgivings. Three water incidents later amongst other issues I asked Sheree to do a home heal. Living in an old building proved to be interesting to say the least. After several hours work the flat and garden were clear and whole. Even the plants and trees looked happier? The difference was amazing bright, light and seemed to be larger than before. I had the best night’s sleep ever. My dogs are far more settled. Thrilled with the outcome. It doesn't get better than this. Thank you Sheree.” L.A. Folkestone

“Sheree healed my home for me about 4 years ago after my partner moved out. I felt that this re-established the boundaries of our home for me and my daughter. My home had become very cluttered and the home healing helped to move those stagnant energies and motivate me to get things out of the house that no longer served a purpose. Earlier this year the garden was renovated and a lot of digging took place, which disturbed the land and its boundaries. I could feel the effects of this within the house, the workmen for example were not respecting the property and I felt stuck in my life generally. Also, there were a couple of the rooms within the house that I could not bear to be in, treating one as a dumping ground and I couldn’t put my finger on why. I’m pleased to say that with Sheree’s help the energies are once again moving. Typing this I’m sitting in the now uncluttered room I once avoided, I’m Attracting abundance into my life and moving forward. Thank you Sheree x” T.A. Solihull

“I asked for distant healing for a family member who was in distress and struggling with a knee problem. The result was amazing. A few days later they looked much more calm, focused and radiant. Also, they started to make life decisions on how to move on in the future, which they had never spoken about before. It was apparent that after the distant healing things had become a lot clearer to them. Thank you for the session as it looks like it was life changing.” A.J. Birmingham

"I've tried meditation in the past and always found it difficult as I didn't really understand what I should be doing. Since joining Enhance your Light meditation I've found it a great way to relax, taking an evening out of my busy lifestyle, as well as learning a lot. Sheree is a fantastic teacher, who is patient and describes the purpose of each meditation. I've been able to apply some of the techniques into my daily life." E.R., Olton

"All my life, I felt lonely, so I was making friends with insincere people, unfortunately. I was falling apart and desperately needed someone to put me together. So, last year I decided to do something for myself. I found Sheree Kennedy and attended three healing sessions with Sheree and my life has changed since then. I feel strong, I follow my intuition, I do the best for myself, I meet helpful people, I work for the Community where I live and I am not afraid of meeting new people, leaving things/energies behind that don’t work for my present of future purposes and I am not afraid of moving forward to new tasks. In July, I did The Subtle Energy Awareness training with Sheree and I am very keen to learn more about healing energies and to become a fully trained healer for people and animals. Every day, I work with the healing energies to protect my energy field and it does work for me. Working with the healing energies has changed my life and myself as a human being. Thank you so much Sheree, I am really grateful to you for helping me." M.B. Coventry

"The Subtle Energy course incorporated many ideas and concepts that felt right to me on an instinctive level, and the short exercises were very beneficial and you could feel an instant difference. The course is very well structured - you are given diagrams and handouts to illustrate important aspects, and it is not at all airy fairy. It does not go against science and in fact supports science. To anyone thinking about going on the course I would thoroughly recommend it - especially if you are stressed or in a negative state because the course rejuvenates and revitalises you - as long as you are willing to try it." A.S., Birmingham