The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®

Sheree Kennedy is presenting an exciting and innovative new Programme that will open your hearts and minds to new possibilities.

Understanding the subtle energies around you and applying simple techniques will enhance your daily life and wellbeing

The Subtle Energy Awareness ProgrammeTM has been specially designed to help you understand the layers of subtle energies that surround you (your energy field/aura) and how these energies influence your daily life and wellbeing. Created by Sue Zange, the pioneer and developer of advanced understanding of subtle energies, this Programme will teach you about the amazing nature of invisible subtle energies.

This is your opportunity to learn about your energy field, the movement of energy transactions that affect you, your emotional and mental balance, and of course, the energies of new potentials that can come into your life.

You will discover how incoming energies from others may affect you and learn how to empower your own daily living by commanding the energies you transmit out into the world. By learning the techniques to keep your own energy clear and high in vibration, you will understand how simple and easily applied energy management techniques can enhance the quality of your daily life.

Designed by Sue Zange, Subtle Energy Pioneer, and presented by Sheree Kennedy, this course is entirely unique. Sheree has been personally trained by Sue and is a fully qualified Certified Teacher of this unique Programme. The key learning elements and practical exercises of subtle energy awareness are included on this special 2 day course.

This exciting new Programme is a wonderful opportunity to help you manage your life differently. It will take your understanding and self-awareness to a whole new level!

Have you ever wondered why you feel comfortable around some people, but ill at ease around others? Do you feel sometimes that you are not moving forwards in life, or that you just keep going round in circles? Do you yearn for a new direction in life, or to have a better understanding of your relationships? Here you will learn unique techniques and information that will offer you a different way of seeing things and the opportunity to feel more self-empowered as a result.

Read about Your Subtle Energies:

This unique guide has been written by the creator of the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme - Sue Zange.


A Special Weekend Presentation
with Sheree Kennedy –
at Hampton-in-Arden, West Midlands

Join Sheree for this very special weekend training course.

On this two-day course you will learn about the human energy field (aura), how to clear your own energy field and how to bring in higher potentials. You will gain insight into what really goes on at a subtle energy level. A wonderful opportunity to increase awareness and see life through different eyes!

On Day 1 - you will learn:

  • All about the layers of your energy field, its structure and how it flows
  • How energies are transmitted out from you and received by you
  • What causes the energy flow to be dense, slow, or imbalanced
  • Great techniques for clearing your own energy and bringing in a new fresh source
  • About stress and how you can help yourself every day with easy energy management
  • Discover how we connect to others in relationships and how we influence each other …for better or worse

On Day 2 - you will learn:

  • All about the energies of wounds, conditioning and past events that have affected your life
  • How to gain strong and vibrant energy for your emotional wellbeing
  • How to discover the hidden truth to how you really feel about things
  • How to clear and focus your mind by applying higher intelligence energy principles
  • Discover the energies that slow down your thinking, and make you less able to cope
  • Gain insight on how to apply your intent to achieve greater success in your daily living
  • Develop techniques to cultivate your intuitive awareness and command of life

The 'Subtle Energy Awareness’ Programme will provide you with rich insight and understanding that will show you how to improve your life.

Equipping you with easy to apply energy techniques you will find that everyday living can be enhanced and improved by simply giving yourself a little time to manage each day better and to change what needs to be changed. Get ready to enjoy new perspectives, new hope, new living!

VENUE: George Fentham Meeting Room, Marsh Lane, Hampton-in-Arden, West Midlands B92 0AH
TIME/DATE: 10.00am-4.00pm
Please enquire for next available dates.

COURSE FEE:  £180.00

To reserve your place please send a deposit of £65 via Paypal to, or contact Sheree for online bank transfer details. Please CLICK HERE for full booking terms.

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