Sheree Kennedy - Certified Teacher

Teaching: The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®
Enhance your Light - Enhance your Life'® Meditation and the Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Healing.

'Mindfulness' is now in our conscious awareness. Today, more than ever, we acknowledge the need for a more positive approach to dealing with issues and situations in life, with our families, relationships and in the workplace. 'Mindfulness Groups' have been helping people for years.

I would now like to bring to your awareness two new, unique and innovative Programmes, offering easy to learn techniques and skills which can have an immediate, profound and extremely positive effect on wellbeing and physical, emotional and mental states - 'The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®’ and the 'Enhance your Light - Enhance your Life™ Programme. Both of these inspirational Programmes were created by Sue Zange, entrepreneur and pioneer of subtle energy awareness, with over 14 years' experience in this specialist field.

In life, we easily relate to what goes on in the physical because we can see it, hear it, touch it etc. But by learning about and becoming aware of how subtle 'unseen' energies affect our daily lives, we become more empowered.

‘Seeing is believing…. Feeling is Empowering’

 We become stronger, more in command of our lives - we 'feel' the difference, we make better choices and decisions, we jump off the perpetual hamster wheel of life and start living to our true potential.  

Subtle energy awareness will open your heart and mind and give you the optimum opportunity to live a more creative and inspired life.  Learning the most up-to-date and effective skills for visualisation and meditation can be incredibly empowering.  With their unique approach, the 'Enhance your Light - Enhance your Life™ and 'The Subtle Energy Awareness® Programmes offer great potential for change, enhancement and creativity, they can re-connect you with who you truly are -  how powerful is that!

With many years of experience as a Police Officer and for the last 7 years as an Advanced Energy Field Healer, I have tried and tested these methods and techniques myself and I know they have great capacity to facilitate positive change. I feel passionately that 'The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme®’ and the 'Enhance your Light - Enhance your Life® Programme’ will show us the way forward.

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