Heal the Energies of your Home

Patterns of Light by Sheree Kennedy

Energy Healing for the Home is the specialist process of applying subtle energy techniques to cleanse and balance the energies of the home. By clearing away energy forms and patterns that are not serving the people who live there and by raising the vibrations, we create an environment that will contribute to a better quality of living.

Within places, there are energies that adversely affect those who live there. There is a flow of energy exchange between your home, the people who live there and those who come and visit. Their emotions, ideas, needs and intentions remain in the environment as subtle energy forms.

There are also energy flows passing through your home from the natural ground energies of the land beneath. People are affected by these flows.

Home Healing can return your home to balance and harmony and offer you and your family the best environment for peace and happiness

Top Ten Most Common Reasons for Requesting a Home Healing

  1. We just don’t seem able to settle
  2. Our children keep waking up at night frightened
  3. I don’t feel comfortable in certain rooms
  4. We think we have a ghost (spirit activity) in the house
  5. My husband/wife/partner has moved out, I need a fresh start
  6. Our pet dog/cat is agitated and we don’t know why
  7. Our house is on the market and there is little or no interest
  8. Since moving in everything seems to be going wrong
  9. Several members of our family are unwell
  10. Problems with neighbours

The effects of Home Healing can be felt almost immediately. Most people will sense this as a change in atmosphere (which is the intuitive way of sensing energies around you). There is an obvious lightness and airiness and rooms can feel lighter, brighter, bigger, the space feels clearer.

People notice a difference in their ability to relax and have more focus and clarity, they sleep better and become more organised and start achieving their goals. People generally feel happier in themselves and are more settled, their home feels more welcoming, it feels whole.

Benefits of Home Healing

  • Family Health & Wellbeing
  • Our own energy field (Aura), continually transmits and receives energy transactions on a daily basis. We absorb the energies present in places. Non-serving (negative) energies can create an imbalance and affect our health and wellbeing and our pets.

  • Peace & Harmony in Relationships
  • If there has been a relationship breakdown, or emotional stress or crisis, clearing away those energy traces will prevent repeating patterns and assist with moving forwards in life.

  • Moving In…or Moving On…
  • If you’re moving into a New Home, you will inherit all of the past energy patterns of the previous occupants and the energy patterns held within the land on which your home is built. Give yourself a clean start and have the energies cleared as soon as possible.

    If you are moving on and Selling Your Home, having the energies cleared will help attract new buyers, increasing the prospects for a quicker sale. Your viewers will feel the lighter atmosphere and welcoming presence.

  • Clearing the Past
  • The essence of previous energy patterns imprint themselves into the place where they occur. These events will influence us in the present time. They include the experiences of the past occupants as well as the historic patterns held within the land. So, if you feel ‘stuck’ and are not moving forwards, a Home Healing will clear away those patterns, bringing the home out of the past and into the present.

  • Prosperity & Abundance
  • The Universal law of energy is that like-attracts-like. If there are dense energies, or patterns of trauma, imbalance and discord in your home, then those energies may attract more of the same. Prosperity and abundance are high, light energies. Having your home cleansed and balanced will bring in light energies, so prosperity and abundance can flourish.

  • Land/Property Development and Changes
  • ‘Geopathic stress’ is the name given to earth energy grid lines which are disturbed and potentially detrimental to health and wellbeing.

    These energy lines in the land can become disrupted by building works, (whether it’s a home extension, or a large housing development nearby), landscaping, tree felling, road works, etc. Disturbance in the ground energies will cause disturbance within the home.

Fees for Home Healing

Fees vary based on the size of property. Please click HERE to see a guide.

For clients wishing to pay by credit card, payment can be made through Paypal