Restoration for the spirit and nourishment for the soul


Sheree is sharing the benefits of the ‘Enhance Your Light – Enhance Your Life'™ Programme in a series of meditation evenings, based on the 12 key elements of creating spheres in consciousness, our 'Spheres of Light'. The evening sessions encompass the learning of new skills and techniques along with guided visualisation/meditation. Held within the sharing embrace of the group, these meditation sessions will restore your spirit and nourish your soul.

“I strongly encourage you who are keen to practice meditation to join 'The Enhance your Light Programme', led by the wonderful Sheree Kennedy. In the last eight months I have learnt a great deal visualising the several spheres of energy and feeling more and more empowered to heal myself. This is because when you raise your vibration like attracts like, and you clear heavy energies. I cannot recommend 'Enhance your Light Programme' more! Have a go.” F.C., Coventry

"The programme really made a difference to how I react at work. The visualisation of ‘an open loving heart’ is a key phrase from the programme, it calms me when the going gets tough and makes my reactions much more measured and balanced. Oddly, from meditation concentrating on looking within myself, I now find it much easier to put myself in others' shoes..and judge less." M.S., Hampton-in-Arden

“I attended the full 'Enhance Your Light' evenings programme it was insightful and rewarding. It's a lovely programme of visualisation and meditation for inner learning, following Sheree's voice and guidance, its a beautiful programme .“ B.S. Coventry

“I joined Sheree’s meditation group. I have found it to be extremely beneficial in my life. Sheree is an excellent teacher in a calm and relaxed atmosphere – would recommend it to anyone.“ C.M. Stratford

Regular Evening Group Sessions:

Our Visualisation & Meditation evenings are held at George Fentham Meeting Room, Hampton-in-Arden, West Midlands, where you will experience a comfortable and friendly environment, ideal for sharing peaceful and inspirational time together.

For further information, please contact Sheree on 07886 122165, or email

Meditation evenings are run fortnightly, the next Meditation Group commences very soon.

“The EYL meditation evenings are wonderful I look forward to them every fortnight. The meditations are unique and guide you to beautiful spheres each of which has a different essence, that make me feel so relaxed, calm at peace and excited, as each time the meditation classes take me to awesome loving realms that embrace me and show me higher guidance. These meditations have enriched my inner world and I’ve discovered more about life and myself. Thank you Sheree for a higher divine experience .” G.R.C. Kingshurst

“I have really enjoyed my meditation evenings. I have also had some really good experiences within the spheres. I would recommend the meditation evening as a good way to get started. In a very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.“ L.C., Dudley

“My husband and I joined the Enhance your Light meditation evenings to relax and expand our understanding of how to use meditation for personal growth and understanding. Sheree is an excellent teacher who puts everyone at ease in a relaxed and comfortable setting. We learnt a great deal and enjoyed the peaceful meditations immensely. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.“ L.C. Leamington