The Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Healing

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Train to be an Energy Field Healer

Energy Field Healing is one of the most powerful forms of alternative therapy available in the World today.

The Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Healing offers a unique range of healing exercises and techniques which will expand your sensitivity and self-awareness and support your development and enhancement. A very practical developmental course, taught over six weekend modules, it offers knowledge and skills for self-healing and your own expansion of consciousness, as well as specialist techniques that can help transform the lives of others. You will learn how to manage your own personal energies and to apply tried and tested efficient and effective techniques to enhance both your healing experience and that of your clients.

Energy Field Healing has limitless potential to assist with relationships, family life, careers, life direction and purpose, and by encompassing a universal approach to healing it helps us to discover highest potential. With the right skill-set, knowledge and comprehension, we really do have phenomenal potential to assist on all levels. The whole process of this training course will captivate your attention from the outset.

This training course will engage your inquisitive heart and mind, fuel your intrigue and guide you through a beautiful, transformative, life changing process.

The core skills of energy field healing have been personally developed by Sue Zange, at Inspirit, the Centre for Energy Field Awareness. As an entrepreneur and pioneer of Energy Field Healing and subtle energy awareness, Sue’s knowledge and skills are unparalleled. Sheree has studied, trained and worked alongside Sue over the last 13 years. Now, as a Certified Teacher of the Foundational Diploma, Sheree is able to share this unique knowledge with you, so that you too may embrace the concepts and application of this exceptional learning.

Learn pioneering theory, skills and practical techniques to activate and sustain your own unique healing abilities

The skills taught are unique within the field of complementary therapy. Clinic work over many years has shown these techniques to be highly effective in a vast range of conditions and illnesses and Energy Field Healing often makes a breakthrough where other therapies may not. This training programme will empower you with healing techniques to enhance your own lives and the skills to be of greater service to others.

We are truly fascinating beings, understanding how we are as a consciousness will intrigue you and enrich your own life experiences.

“Many of us do or have worked in caring, ‘serving’ industries, and environments. I certainly did, as a Police Officer for over 25 years. Having greater insight through higher learning offers an even deeper understanding of life’s transactions. It enables us to enact support and healing in a more dynamic way, so that true life potential may reveal, fascinating!” Sheree Kennedy

Read about Your Subtle Energies:

This unique guide has been written by the creator of the Subtle Energy Awareness Programme - Sue Zange.


The Foundational Diploma in Energy Field Healing is taught over 6 weekend modules (one weekend per month starting in January 2020) and includes the following:


The Foundational Diploma is an extraordinary journey. It will open your awareness as you embark on your own journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. You will learn self-healing techniques and exercises to raise your vibration and make higher guidance connections. You will develop higher sensory perception and a greater understanding of life's situations, issues and processes.


It is essential that certain specific technical knowledge is learned about the human energy field (aura) in order to engage with it. The Diploma training offers you insight into the 12 layers of the human energy field, including the chakras and causal level elements which affect the condition, health and wellbeing of the human energy system. You will learn to scan, interpret and clear energy imbalance.


You will learn the techniques and skills to scan and interpret the human energy field (aura) and develop the ability to sense and read it. Instruction and practical exercises are taught to develop the sensory ability of the hands, the inner intuition and expansive awareness of consciousness, this will allow you to offer clients, friends and family, healing to assist all aspects of harmonious and peaceful living.


Each module includes detailed theory to broaden your understanding and enhance your capabilities. The Diploma training will help you develop and substantiate your knowledge and energy awareness of energy balance and imbalance. illness and disease, non-serving issues and past issues, enabling you to offer your clients greater opportunities to live the lives they desire.

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    • £1,750 (which is settled in instalments)

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