'Enhance Your Light - Enhance Your Life' Visualisation™

A unique Visualisation and Meditation Programme that can change your life!

Sheree Kennedy is presenting an exciting and innovative new Meditation & Visualisation experience, the 'Enhance your Light - Enhance your Life™ Programme.

Learning to visualise well and to meditate peacefully can be one of the most satisfying things we can engage in as human and spiritual beings.

The Enhance Your Light - Enhance Your Life Programme™ is a completely unique Meditation and Visualisation Programme designed to help you achieve a high quality meditation easily, whenever you need to.

Whether you are new to meditation, or have tried it before, this easy to follow learning Programme will teach you how to successfully achieve good quality visualisation and meditation. These skills can enhance your life, improve your well-being, balance your relationships and offer you great insight into your spiritual path.

At the core of the Programme are 12 Key Elements that are created as ‘spheres of light’. These spheres are developed as your own creations. Each Element will help you develop certain aspects of life, such as healing, communications, potentials, learning, relationships, creativity and so on. The building of the ‘spheres’ offer you tools to manage and transform life for the betterment of well-being, state of mind, emotional balance and future growth.

Designed by Sue Zange, Subtle Energy Pioneer, and presented by Sheree Kennedy, this course is entirely unique. Sheree has been personally trained by Sue and is a fully qualified Certified Teacher of this unique Programme. The key learning elements and practical exercises of the basic skills are included on this special 2 day weekend course.

You will learn all the skills you need to clear your mind and get yourself balanced and stable, before you commence visualisation and/or meditation

Once the basics are understood, the course will guide you through enhanced visualisations to build a series of unique ‘Spheres of Light’. These Spheres of Light will be your own… once built, your Spheres of Light can be used regularly to achieve excellent quality, life enhancing meditations at home. You can enhance them, and use them regularly to help you when have difficulties that need resolution, to help you feel lighter, clearer and more connected, or to gain insight or inspiration.

This exciting way of working is a wonderful opportunity to help you learn to manage your life differently, enrich your understanding and develop your own journey of inner exploration and fulfilment. Discover your own inner spiritual wealth!

"I attended the Enhance your Light - Enhance your Life workshop on 21st June this year. It was very enlightening, I found it a thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating day. I have taken away and introduced into my daily life many aspects from this experience. The Visualisations and meditations were amazing! I would recommend this to anyone who has an open mind and wishes to take more control over emotions and stresses of daily life. Sheree is an excellent teacher, you can sense her utter belief and commitment to this programme. I feel my life has been enhanced as a result of my day, thanks Sheree" S.S., Hampton in Arden

“I found the course really insightful into how meditation can be used to access a deeper level of relaxation. The course gave an opportunity for us to benefit this first hand, practicing by being guided before we tried it alone! A really enjoyable well structure day with really well presented course material. Sheree is an energetic, gentle and inspiring coach! ” L.W. Leeds

A Special Presentation
with Sheree Kennedy –
at Hampton-in-Arden, West Midlands

Join Sheree for this very special training course.

On this unique and inspirational course you will learn how to build 3 'Spheres of Light'. Two of which you will be able to use regularly to manage aspects of your daily life and to re-connect with who you truly are. The third one is an Expansive Sphere, which will offer an opportunity to explore your own higher consciousness. In the final part of the Programme Sheree will guide you to a higher dimensional realm to experience greater ‘spiritual communion’.

On Day 1 - you will learn:

  • Excellent skills for achieving quality visualisation and meditation
  • How to understand your own current energetic state
  • An understanding of the importance of ‘Grounding’
  • How to construct your own Sphere of Light, your ‘Safe Place in Nature’
  • An understanding of what unfolds during visualisation
  • Practical exercise to build your second Sphere of Light
  • The purpose of the 3rd Primary Sphere of Light

On Day 2  - you will learn:

We will carry the learning forwards to a higher level and you will learn:

  • A greater awareness of the benefits of meditation
  • An understanding of the ‘Expansive Spheres of Light’
  • How to build your own Expansive Sphere
  • Understanding ‘Realms’, their purpose and meaning
  • Guided meditation to a higher dimensional Realm
  • How to continue with your journey of exploration

The 'Enhance Your Light - Enhance Your Life'™ Programme will open your awareness

The guided exersizes are a gentle introduction to the practical aspects of visualisation and meditation. By applying the principles and continuing to do these exersizes, your path of discovery will unfold. Each time you enter one of the Spheres of Light it will grow and evolve, you will sense more detail, your intuitive skills will progress, enhancing your personal development. Be prepared for revelation, excitement and comprehension. Enjoy!

VENUE: George Fentham Meeting Room, Marsh Lane, Hampton-in-Arden, West Midlands B92 0AH
Please Enquire for next available dates.

COURSE FEE:  £180.00

To reserve your place please send a deposit of £75 via Paypal to sheree393@yahoo.co.uk, or contact Sheree for online bank transfer details. Please CLICK HERE for full booking terms.

Book your place now: Email: info@shereekennedy.com

You can find more information on this training course at www.enhanceyourlight.com

"My daughter and I did the full day course of Enhance Your Light Visualisation and Meditation course recently. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Sheree led the course in such a way that made you feel totally at ease and able to ask questions at any time and they were fully answered. She led us into the meditations and visualisations in a very relaxed, informative manner. The meditations are amazing, very powerful yet extremely simple and accessible to us in our daily lives. The group size was such that you felt she was fully available to you as an individual the whole day. Brilliant!" S.W., Knowle