Energy Field Healing

Energy Field Healing helps to support issues of ill-health and imbalance and works with every aspect of your - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Its effects can be life changing.

Your energy field encompasses the sum total of your life experience, in energy form.  Presenting as areas of imbalance, misalignment , stagnation or blockage, patterns of trauma, stress, dis-ease and ill-health can be accessed and transformed.  By applying advanced energy techniques your energy system can be re-balanced, restored and renewed.  By clearing away patterns and energy resonance that no longer serve, you are refreshed and open to new possibilities – enabling you to move forwards in life.  Energy field healing offers tremendous benefits and limitless potential.

“Energy Healing with Sheree has been a blessing for me, my husband and two boys. I love how at peace and more in command I feel during and after healing. It’s such a relief when the non-serving aspects have been healed and released, I feel more like myself again and my true nature shines through. My partner has also been positively changed, he is now more open-minded since receiving healing with Sheree.  Both boys have had a much better chance in life to express who they are, more balanced, grounded and in their own space. We have all had distant healing and received the benefits from healing at times when we couldn't make it in person.  Thank you so much for your kind, authentic, nurturing and professional help, love and support, we are all very grateful, thank you Sheree.” GRC Birmingham

"It was good to meet you and to have such a unique and profound experience. Having slept really badly for the last 22 years, I’ve had two consecutive nights of unbroken sleep (along with very vivid dreams!) and feel so much better for it. Long may it last! I would like to come along to a future course and I’ve mentioned my session with you to a few colleagues. Kindest regards" Z.F. Sutton Coldfield

"I first came to know about energy healing when I was looking for a way to help my son, with his eczema. At the time he was going through a tough patch and I wasn’t sure whether the healing would work and being a teenager how my son would react to an alternative therapy. When we met Sheree, she was so warm and caring and she had a genuine sincerity about her to really want to help him. As I was present at the healing, I was amazed and heartily grateful that we had come for the healing session, because for the first time in a very, very long while, I saw my son physically have a calmness about him and the return of a happy spark in his eyes. The real essence of the healing session was seen about six weeks later, when it suddenly hit me that my son had not been scratching his arms and face. He was so much more relaxed and his chirpy personality was beginning to come back. As a mother who has seen her son suffer with severe eczema since birth and everything that we had tried prior to this healing hadn’t worked, there certainly were copious tears of joy and gratitude and deep heartfelt good wishes for Sheree and all her help. I have very deep respect for Sheree and the healing service she provides, so much so that I recommended her to all my family and friends and they in turn have benefitted immensely. I would say to anyone who ever feels stuck in any area of their life, to try energy healing with Sheree, she is an amazing woman with an amazing gift to heal and I’m sure she will be able to help you in your journey called life. Much love," N.S. Birmingham

Healing With Sheree Kennedy

During treatment Sheree works in the subtle vibrations of energy which surround the physical body. There is usually no physical touch involved, (or very little), in an Energy Field Healing Session.

Effective in supporting a wide range of issues:

  • Emotional Distress
  • Stress Related Illness
  • Chronic or Longterm Illness
  • Relationship Distress
  • Mental Fatigue & Inability to Cope
  • Post Operative Healing & Recuperation
  • Aches and Pains
  • Poor Sleeping

Session Fees £65 (60 mins)

(This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women or people with epilepsy)


Energy Field Healing Clinic Days are held regularly at George Fentham Meeting Room, Marsh Lane, Hampton-in-Arden, West Midlands. For scheduled Clinic Days please contact Sheree for further information

If you would like to attend for an Energy Field Healing session with Sheree please get in touch by calling 07886 122165 or email

"I've felt more grounded and mindful since I had the healing and starting to feel clearer about what I'd like in the future. Thank you again, I thoroughly enjoyed the session, the atmosphere, and location of the room. Hope to come back again in a couple of months for another session. Pleased to have discovered your form of healing to help with too much head/mind activity!" L.W., Leeds

“Before I heard about Sheree I already had a few sessions of healing with another healer so I kind of knew what it was about. What I found different with Sheree is that she helped me deal with my issue that made me start healing in the first place. I had a major break through after my first session. Sheree is amazing and is really good at what she does. She unblocked something that I carried around with me for 7 years and now I feel I can live my life to the fullest. I would recommend Sheree to everyone. Thank you so much x.” NC Walsall


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