Healing for those who cannot be seen personally

Patterns of Light by Sheree Kennedy

Sheree can offer you a Distant Healing service for those times you are unable to be present for a healing, or if you wish to request healing for someone else.

With advanced level Energy Field Healing techniques, Sheree can ‘tune in’, connect to the client’s energy, and apply transformative healing energies. By accessing through higher level consciousness, the Healer can help to restore and balance the emotions and general well-being of the client. This in turn helps the mental stresses and physical aspects of life.

“My nephew seemed to be in his own world and would rarely engage at school and was incredibly shy.  Psychologists diagnosed him with mild autism.  At home he would have extreme tantrums and OCD about the way things would be done.   His ears where very sensitive, he could not bear anything loud - music, TVs, open windows in the car. 

Within days of his distant healing he was very affectionate, calm and wanted to hear loud music, asking for it to be louder! This was amazing!? He was happy to have the car window down, what a joy to see the delight on his face as he listened to music!  Now he is engaging with the world, he can use his imagination and play and make up stories. He now has a best friend at school and is engaging with his teacher and peers much more.  He even sang a nursery rhyme in front of the whole class! He would NEVER have done this before! I firmly believe it is as a result of his distant healing. 

Also, he was so reluctant to have his photo taken for his healing and yet now he is fine with his photo taken, on his recent school photos he was smiling away and posing like a little model!  6 months after his healing I would now say he's much more  freer, open and responsive to the world round him!  He has calmed down noticeably, his tantrums and OCD are not so frequent.   Thank you very much for your wonderful work Sheree.  Much love Xxx  “  E.J. Manchester

The Art of Energy Field Healing

  • Distant Healing for You
  • To request Distant Healing you just need to provide some basic information by either post or email. If you are an existing client you can apply easily and quickly by sending an email request.

  • Distant Healing for Another
  • Please provide the following information for either yourself, or the person the healing is required for:

    Full birth name (or Married name)
    Date of birth (or accurate age)
    Current home address (or Location)
    A current photograph. (Any photos sent in the post will be returned to you.)

Fee for distant healing is £55.00

Payment can be made through Paypal


“I have benefitted so much from personal and home healing that when I can see a friend or family member in need that would not necessarily be comfortable in a healing session environment, I organise for Sheree to undertake a distant healing. Also, for personal reasons I’m unable for Sheree to work with my daughter on a one to one basis, but every so often I can see that she needs a little help. Particularly when starting a new year at school. I am aware that my daughter is a sensitive child and picks up negative energies from the other children at school, often being dictated to by them. After receiving distant healing from Sheree, my daughter goes from being angry with me for no reason, isolated and anxious about events at school, to being her usual, loving, sociable self ." T.A. Birmingham