About Sheree Kennedy

Offering Energy Field Healing for Adults, Children, Animals, Homes & Workplace

In July 2002, I had my first healing session with Sue Zange. It changed my life, reassured me, gave me strength and helped me to embark on my own journey of self-awareness. I trained with Sue, at Inspirit, completing the Diploma in Energy Field Healing in 2004, and then to Advanced Level.   I continue to train with Inspirit, keeping up-to-date with enhanced techniques and developments.

In 2009, I retired from a career in the Police Service, after 25 years of service.  During those years I gained both knowledge and understanding of life’s complexities and a strong sense of community.

I am now able to combine those life skills with the knowledge and expertise acquired through understanding the human energy field (aura) and by pursuing my passion for energy field healing I am able to help others on a deeper level.

Energy Field Healing helps some along the journey of growth and development. For others, having their energy cleansed, balanced and realigned will bring relief, support and deep level healing. I consider it both a privilege and a joy to be able to share in this process.

Helping you regain a balanced state of well-being

In 2010 I was a founding Director of The Healing Centre in Hall Green, Birmingham, which was the first Specialist Clinic in the UK dedicated to Energy Field Healing. Working alongside Sue Zange it was a wonderful opportunity for higher learning and to promote public awareness. I have experience of dealing with a whole range of conditions and ailments and specialise in Karmic Healing (releasing and clearing patterns from the past), Relationship Healing (understanding and bringing to balance issues within relationship dynamics), Stress and Pain Relief (clearing excessive energy build-up and patterns).

I endeavour to assist others to move forwards in their lives and to embrace new potentials. After a session, clients (adults and children alike) often feel refreshed, reassured, more positive, confident, more focused and a deep sense of peace and calm.

So if you would like help with emotional issues/distress or anxiety, or help with an on-going condition or situation, please get in touch. Likewise, if you need to find more clarity or a sense of direction and if, ultimately, you would like to feel self-empowered, then contact me.

I am available to visit Clients in the comfort of their own Homes. For Employers who wish to reduce incidents of long-term sickness, or boost morale and productivity in the workplace, I provide on-site sessions. I also offer Home/Workplace Healing (for property and land). For Clients who are unable to be present, or if you wish to offer the gift of healing to another, I provide a very effective Distant Healing service.

Energy Field Healing is an amazing phenomenon which continues to evolve and enrich. I had my first healing session with Sue Zange over 10 years ago and that encounter changed my life.

On a personal note; I have a son, have lived in France, I believe laughter is the best medicine and I try to see beauty in all things.

Sheree Kennedy 2014