Healing through the body's energy field

Patterns of Light by Sheree Kennedy

Also known as the aura or electro-magnetic field, the human energy field both surrounds and flows through the human body. It is constantly receiving and transmitting information in the form of energy.

To keep us healthy we need this energy in and around us to flow unhindered. Our daily life experiences affect that flow.

As an Energy Field Healer Sheree is able to identify and transform 'stagnant' and 'blocked' energies, which if left unchecked, may later present as physical illness.

The Art of Energy Field Healing

  • Energy Field Healing
  • A Powerful and dynamic specialist therapy which rebalances your natural flow of energy to maximize your potential and initiate your body's own self-healing.

  • Energy Healing for Your Home

Your home holds the imprint of energy patterns and forms from all events that occur there. Learn more about Healing your Home...

"I would now like the opportunity to help others find meaning and purpose in their lives and to find some peace and calm in hectic times."

Sheree Kennedy